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PowerMTA & Email Deliverability Consultant to Reputed affiliates
Are you Tired Of Aweber & GetResponse frequent shutdown?
Get World’s Best Email Infrastructure &
Send mass email without any restriction
Want to setup your own In-house Mailing platform capable of Mailing 20k-2million emails daily with high Deliverability & Quality Support via Skype & Gmail.

PowerMTA Consultant

We are one of the Best PowerMTA consultants in the Industry with 7+ years of experience.

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Interspire Addons

To overcome the limitations of Normal Interspire we came up with addons for interspire to overcome those limitations

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Email Server Setups

Our Email setups are performent on Tweaked Interspire & PowerMTA capable of mailing upto 1 million emails per day.

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Email Server Management

We also manage emails servers and provide support to customers & troubleshoot the errors.

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Our email strategy prior to finding Webtechstudio was simple –build a list, create a piece of HTML and then send it using a low cost ESP, with little or no regard for what happened afterwards. Working with Webtechstudio has revolutionised our email marketing, driving higher volumes of traffic to our website and giving us the additional intelligence that we need to make key strategic decisions and increase sales.

In addition to the robustness of the Webtechstudio [email marketing] solution and the control it has given us over our email campaigns, we were very impressed with the personalized service Webtechstudio provides.

PowerMTA Installation

Over 90% of ESP's including GetResponse,ExactTarget,Mailchimp use PMTA as their Backend.Its a Most Powerful Mailing Backend.Read More

Email Authentication

Servers are shipped fully configured, with rotating IPs, optimized MySQL, DKIM, DMARC, Spf, RDNS, Interspire and PowerMTA..Read More

Interspire Addons Installation

Interspire addons are required to take full advantage of PowerMTA.We will configure it to use along with PowerMTA to provide you the best results.Read More

ESP Cluster Configuration

Multiple PMTA servers setup are configured/Connected on main server to make your mailing easier & time saving.Read More

MySql Optimization

MySql optimization is used to handle large database transaction. It also helps to import the list faster.800k emails import per hour.Read More

24*7*365 Support

Our support staff is very well versed & soft spoken.Are there to assist you via skype:wheckitup & gtalk More

Domain & IP Montoring

We monitor your IPs & Domain once in every 24hours on 40 reputed blacklist organisation.Read More

Feedback loops Registration

Reputed ISPs offer Feedbackloop programs where mailers can subscribe their ips and get to know who are the complainers and abusers in the Email List.Read More

Email Deliverability Engineer

We help you with Email deliverability consulting on IP warmups and Build ISP relations with proper authentication to getyou best Deliverability..Read More

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Our Core Services

Interspire Power MTA Setups

Interspire & PowerMTA setups are one of the easiest and user friendly way of Sending emails

Power MTA Consultant

India's #1 PowerMTA consultant since 2009. Providing professional consultancy services in setting up Email Infrastructure to India's Ecommerce Industry

Interspire Addons

Interspire Email Marketer is Most User Friendly interface when it comes to mailing but it has some limitations which are fulfilled by Maboraks's Interspire addons

Our Top Features

  •   Reputation management
  •   Real-time efficiency
  •   Improved error handling
  •   Multiple API options


An intelligent system that optimizes your sending performance

Benefit from our smart technology that selects the best IP address available, by looking at features such as the senders parameters, the types of messages or the IP reputation. As a result you will experience a better deliverability and thus, improved ROI on your emailing


Stop worrying about delays: enjoy immediate sending and live follow-up.

Transactional emails get instantly delivered. This is a keypoint: your prospects or customers will no longer have to wait for an order confirmation or a password reset. Same thing for the follow-up: observe the charts, tables and statuses of your sent emails as they change. Real-time is a guarantee for reliability.

Now, you might be missing some essential features, so we provide them to you.

You will get access to feedback loops: these are essential, but hard to gather in a systematic way if you do this on your own. A lot of other basic tools, like the auto-blocking of addresses that are generating bounces and spam complaints, will help you to qualify your email database and identify undesirable recipients Thats the key for a successful email marketing strategy.

Powerful and accessible to everyone: enjoy the possibilities that the openness of our platform provides!.

Each account includes full API access so you can easily develop your own scripts and applications on top of our system. This with almost any programming language! So no matter how specific your needs are, with Mailjet you will always find a way to make it fit to what you want. At any moment, the support team will put you in contact with the right persons who can help you get what you need.

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