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Higher Response Rates ==> More revenue

Why Webtechstudio?In a Word:Value

Marketing isn't your full-time job. It's ours. With over 11 years of experience, we are the leading email service provider. In fact, a recent independent study* found that small businesses using Webtechstudio achieve higher open rates, higher click-through rates, and more revenue. Our industry-leading solution is built to deliver real results and backed by unmatched expertise, including:

  Award-Winning Coaching & Support

Talk to real people and get the help you need—when you need it. No one else offers the same high level of support.

                                                                                                         Online & Local Education

Stay up to date (and inspired) with free marketing seminars and webinars, access to local business experts, and much more.


  Solutions Providers

Find a trusted partner to help with email and website design, lead generation, social media marketing, and other small business services.

                                                                     Extras when you want them

Find apps, integrations and services that connect our products with tools you're already using for even better results. Or let our Custom Services team set up your account or create your entire email campaign.


              More than Email

Email Marketing is a great start to growing your organization, but we're more than an email service provider. When you're ready to expand your marketing—manage an event, run a campaign on Facebookcreate a deal, or get listed online—we'll help you get great results.

We're as Committed to your success                        as you are.

At Webtechstudio, your passion is our passion. We love helping small businesses succeed—and can't wait to start your story next

             We're Growing Fast

Our Company is made of 10 introverts,extroverts,right brains,left brains & all working hard to make peoples life easier & develop products people love.

     Self funded & Self Motivated

Webtechstudio started in 2003 when I was doing my partime job of sending mailing & I had to mail whole lot of emails daily from different different accounts all manually.Being an lazy ass myself I started looking for automation of email marketing.

Since Webtechstudio is self-funded, profitable, and quickly growing, we spend our time improving our product and listening to the people who use it. We chart our own course, and relish the freedom to make bold decisions. Sometimes, that means using resources to build something necessary, like Mandrill. Other times, it means devoting time to improving the community around us

.Our Mission

Our mission is To provide clients true value for the money they spend with us &to build and maintain healthy IT Platforms that exceed our partner's expectations. Webtechstudio is a technology architecture implementation and management firm who understands the importance of business dealings driven by integrity and respect.


Who We Are?

Webtechstudio provides an easy-to-use, affordable best email solutions in India designed to help business.

We offer flexible email marketing solutions to both small and large businesses across the world. a easy, flexible pricing structure to align with individual business requirement we offer an effective and powerful email marketing program that enables every association to maintain continuous connection to your clients. We provide a unique platform that makes delivery of mails simple. We focus on reliable and customizable email delivery. Webtechstudio brings qualified designers, developers and managers under a one roof therefore ensuring maximum return to the clients. We are committed to ensure cost effective, world class expertise solutions, 24x7 online and offline support over the world.

Why Us?

We are committed to help business and organizations, large-scale and Small alike, with their communications and internet marketing solutions.

We provide an exclusive stage that makes delivery of mails simple. We focus on reliable and customizable email delivery. We represent a broad variety of commerce sectors, which include Financial Services, Entertainment, Information Technology, expert Services, Auto Dealerships, Non-Profits, Manufacturing, Travel,, Education, Child Care, Retail/E- commerce, Advertising and Marketing, among others. Email marketing has become a favoured option for companies and individuals who realise the savings and advantages of bulk email hosting.

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