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Interspire Addons

Multithread | Multiple MTA - Ip Monitor | Export/backup | Clean Header
GEO Location Statistics | Spinning |Social Network Tracking |FeedBack Loops

Interspire Addons

Interspire addons with the Combination of PowerMTA is Paradise for Email Marketers!

Interspire Email Marketer Addons directly from the Coder Maborak

Multiple MTA with IP Monitoring
Feedback Loops Processor
Advanced Backup/Export
GeoLocation Tracking
Spinning [Content Rotation[Body,Subject,Signature,URL Rotator,SEO Links,SMTP match]
Social Network Sharing Statistics
Multilanguage Switch
ISP Analysis
PowerMTA Remote Bounce Processor for Interspire
Suppression List Management
All Interspire addons package 350$(exluding Bounce Processor) if need Bounce Processor then Cost is 650$

Single Domain License
Only Bounce Processor if needed it is 500$ License to Work on Multiple Subdomains 250$ Extra

Advanced Export Interspire Addon
– Export Opens
– Export Clicks
– Export Unsubscribed
– Export Bounces [Hard/Soft]
– Export Links
– Export Suppression List
– Export Email Campaigns templates
– Export Forms
– All export with Custom Fields
– All export with User Scope

Feedback Loops Processor Interspire Addon
– Handle Spam Complaints from major ISP’s
– Handle Spam Complaints in ARF format
– Multiple Abuse Mailbox supported
– Export Complaints from Email Campaigns
– Export Complaints from Contact Lists

Geo-Location Statistics Interspire Addon
– GeoIP tracking for Country
– GeoIP tracking for Region
– GeoIP tracking for City
– Global User Statistics
– Statistics for Email Campaigns
– Statistics Export by Country
– Statistics Export by Region
– Statistics Export by City

Multiple MTA + IP Monitor Interspire addon
– Multiple SMTP Accounts
– Multiple SMTP Groups
– SMTP Groups rotation [Cycle, Random]
– Assign SMTP Groups to Users
– Multiple SMTP Selection from Different Groups
– IP Monitor for Reputation
– IP Monitor for Complaints
– IP Monitor for Volume
– IP Monitor for Filtered
– IP Monitor for Blacklists

Multithread Interspire addons
– Increase sending ratio
– CLI Console to manage the threads

Social Network Tracking
– Social Network Tracking

Spinning Addon
– Rotate Body Content
– Rotate Subject
– Rotate Mail From
– Rotate Reply-To
– Rotate Mail Bounce
– Rotate Signature
– Campaign URL Rotator
– SEO Links
– SMTP Mail FROM Match

Interspire Addons

MultithreadMultithread                                                                       With Multithreaded shipments shall be made through multiple simultaneous connections, resulting in very high speed in sending campaigns.

Multiple MTAMultiple MTA                                                                    Email campaigns using various SMTPs with automatic rotation. Multiple SMTP accounts from subdomains, each with unique Ip.

Geo Localização e EstatísticaGeo Location Statistics      Know precisely where your emails were opened, Country, Region, Town, statistics users, email campaigns, export statistics by country, region and city.

Advanced Backup ExportAdvanced Backup Export                                                      Easily export emails opened, emails clicked, emails removed, campaigns, forms and reports in your system through full and customized filters.

Social Network TrackingSocial Network Tracking Monitor real-time receptivity of their campaigns on social networks, monitor the statistics of share per campaign and the addition and removal in the network.

IP MonitorIP Monitor                                                                                Follow daily in the reputation of their IPs reports, the query result in the Reverse DNS blacklists and all IPs hired.

SpinningSpinning Increase deliverability of your campaigns rotating the subject, sender email, email response, return email, email signature and internal links email.

iconRotating IPs and much more! Servers are shipped fully configured, with rotating IPs, optimized MySQL, DKIM, DMARC, Spf, RDNS, Interspire and PowerMTA.

MultithreadClean Header With It will Remove Some Extra Unwanted Code Lines from your email header so that will help to deliver your Mails to Inbox.At the time of sending emails you will be asked to use send using clean header or regular headers.

Multiple MTAMysql Optimization MySql optimization is used to handle large database transaction. It also helps to import the list faster.800k emails import per hour
Multiple MTAFeedBack-Loops Most of the Reputed ISPs offer Feedbackloop programs where mailers can subscribe their ips and get to know who is the complainers and abuser in the Email List.

We are the only resellers of Interspire addons from Maborak

All addons are for 350$

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