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  • Chris R.

    Robust Email Marketing Solution

    In addition to the robustness of the Webtechstudio [email marketing] solution and the control it has given us over our email campaigns, we were very impressed with the personalized service Webtechstudio provides

  • Numerologist

    Revolutionised Our Email Marketing

    Our email strategy prior to finding Webtechstudio was simple –build a list, create a piece of HTML and then send it using a low cost ESP, with little or no regard for what happened afterwards. Working with Webtechstudio has revolutionised our email marketing, driving higher volumes of traffic to our website and giving us the additional intelligence that we need to make key strategic decisions and increase sales.

  • Media Buzz

    Organization made over 800k$ in 1 Year

    Using the Expertise of Webtechstudio's Interspire addons & Email Deliverability Guides We made over 800k$ in single year.Thanks a Lot!!!

  • David W

    Best Email Marketing Solution

    Webtechstudio is very user-friendly..It makes the layperson look like an expert in managing email lists. Though there are other email marketing services,Webtechstudio's email newsletter feature set & affordability combined with their outstanding customer support makes them really stand out as the best email marketing solution for businesses.

  • Carlos S

    Their Tech Support is Very Good & Responsive

    We have found webtechstudio to be an excellent vehicle for our customer's newsletter deliveries each week. One of the Best features is staying at the top of the latest tech advances so the format that is originally designed ends up looking the same way when it reaches the customers.Their tech support is also very good & very responsive to our needs wheneverwe have questions.

  • Mike L

    I don't Know how I ever Managed without Webtechstudio

    I dont know how I ever managed without Webtechstudio! I used to dread e-mailings to our supporters since i had to send them out in batches of 100 --which actually discouraged me from adding more people to our list.Now I eagerly add people,plus am able to the messages really attractive & eyecatching.Thanks!!

  • Peter

    Sending Over 1 Billion Emails Per Month

    We are sending over 1 Billion emails per month with just 1000$ investment/Month on Server & Ips.The Server is So Well Set that since  Webtechstudio setup it has need no maintenance at all.Love & Cheers!!!

  • Lucas

    Deliverabilty Is awesome

    I was so fedup with awebers and getresponse shutting down accounts too frequently.Then webtechstudio has setup a server for us and i want to say that has saved my business and email deliverability is pretty decent.

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